Health & safety


We will be travelling to Malaria zones. We strongly recommend taking malaria tablets and using anti-mosquito spray, bands or body wash to aid in preventing you from being bit in the first place.


We also recommend seeing your local GP and/or travel clinic who can advise on any vaccinations you may need for the areas we are visiting. This information can change over the years so even if you have visited Africa before, we strongly advise getting an up to date consultation from your GP or travel clinic.


Our area of operation is the North East of South Africa.

Landela Safaris- rhino & elephant

At some of the places where we are staying the tap water is drinkable. Please check on arrival at every lodge what the status of the drinking water is as it can change throughout the year.


Bottled water will be available to purchase at every accommodation.

As part of your package you will be provided with a personalised 'Landela Safaris' reusable water bottle.


Throughout the journey we will be purchasing large bottles of water which our guests can use to top up their Landela Safaris water bottles daily. Onboard our vehicle we will have facilities to keep your bottles cool throughout the trip.


Hydration is very important and often an underestimated issue. Please be sensible and drink lots of water.

Landela Safaris - vervet monkey


Our choice of destinations and travel routes have been thoroughly planned and tested to explore safe areas and avoid not so safe zones.


You need to be aware that we are in Africa where there are dangerous animals. At night we strongly urge you to use a torch to keep an eye out for snakes and scorpions.


If you find any creature in your room that you are unsure of, your guides will be staying a few doors down from you and will be easily accessible at any time of day and night if there's any issues or concerns.


At every accommodation there will be a safe where you can store your valuables.

Landela Safaris- vulture
Landela Safaris - Nyala

It is a condition of booking that the sole responsibility lies with the guest to take out their own correct comprehensive personal travel and medical insurance. We advise taking this out immediately after the deposit is paid.


The insurance should include coverage, but not limited to, the following eventualities : emergency evacuation expenses, medical expenses, cancellation, repatriation expenses, and damage/theft/loss of personal baggage, money and goods.


Please note that many insurers require you to take out a policy within 14 days of paying your initial deposit to cover any pre-existing medical conditions and certain other occurrences.

You will be accompanied by Erin and Heather throughout your journey who will help and advise on any concerns you have.

"Africa will thrive."