Our company name of ‘Landela Safaris’ has a very deep connection with our head guide Erin. Back in 2010 Erin was working at a wildlife rehab centre in South Africa. During this time a female black rhino calf arrived at the centre and Erin was given the great privilege of becoming one of her carers. She was named ‘Landela’.

Landela means ‘to follow’ which is a perfect fit for a little black rhino calf as with black rhinos most of the time the baby follows the mother, whereas with white rhino’s it’s the opposite and the mother usually follows the calf.

Erin looked after Landela for over 2 years and then decided to return to work in the UK leaving Landela behind for her preparation back to the wild.


Sadly in 2014 Landela passed away leaving Erin, and many others who had the honour of meeting her, heartbroken. It was an easy and obvious decision to name the company after Landela. She is missed every day. 

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"If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa."

John Hemingway

Landela Safaris

One of the last times I saw Dela. In 2015 I shaved my head for charity and raised £2,500 for 'The Rhino Orphanage' in South Africa in honour of Landela. Click on link to read more.

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