At Landela Safaris we want our guests to experience safari life at it's best. We offer different safari packages that focus on the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is a huge area, close to 20,000 square kilometres which is about the same size as the whole of Israel, a little smaller than Belgium and about a third of a size of Ireland. 

All of our safaris start and end at Hoedspruit East-gate airport. The easiest way to get here is a short flight from Johannesburg or Cape town. We will be waiting for you on arrival. 

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Landela Safaris

The town of Hoedspruit is known as the wildlife capital of South Africa. It is the perfect introduction to the real African experience which we pride ourselves on. By choosing us to host your safari experience you will be supporting small, local businesses with no hidden costs or fees. 

Of course we all have our favourite animals to spot on safari but the key is to immerse yourself in the whole experience. Connecting with nature on a holistic level is truly soul cleansing and can do wonders for your spirit. We aim for our guests to discover as much as possible so they can leave with a full understanding of the whole eco-system whilst having an amazing holiday.

Check out our safari packages pages to learn exactly what we offer. 


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Safari Plus Package

Join us for a 10 day safari plus package. The perfect mix of luxury and comfort without losing touch with the African bush.

This is the ideal choice for those seeking a top quality safari holiday combined with  multiple excursions in the surrounding area to discover the amazing sights and experiences which it has to offer.  


Safari Explorer  Package

Join us for a 10 day safari where we will explore the North and the South of the world famous Kruger National Park. The is the perfect choice for those wanting to understand Kruger on a detailed and in depth level. You will spend many hours on safari discovering different landscapes and habitats increasing your odds for amazing sightings.


Safari Budget Package

Join us for a 7 day safari where we will explore the world famous Kruger National Park. This package came to life as we believe everyone should have the chance to experience an incredible safari holiday. This is the ideal choice for those working on a tighter budget but not wanting to completely rough it. All accommodation is basic with en-suite bathrooms. 

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"It feels like God visits everywhere, but lives in Africa."

Will Smith