When to visit

October - March (Spring/Summer)

Summers in Africa signal the arrival of the rains. Giving it the common name of 'rainy season'. Rains usually fall dramatically in an afternoon thunderstorm,followed by stunning sunshine. The rains are a welcome break from the intense heat. The smell of the rains falling down in Africa is a lifetime experience and one that is never forgotten.


For game viewing, this season is known as the 'Emerald season', due to the fact that the landscapes are lush and green from the arrival of the rains. If you're a keen photographer this is a wonderful season to experience. The array of colours surrounding you from the vegetation create a beautiful landscape for photographs. Spotting game in this season can be more difficult than in the dry season as the vegetation is more thick, the grass is higher and the animals are further spread out as there is more water supplies readily available due to the rains.


Rivers and waterholes are full, the herbivores are happy with all the fresh green leaves, the predators are happy with the full bellied prey and the birding is fantastic with all the migratory birds flocking in for the season.


End of November and start of December is the baby season. Many herbivore species such as impala and wildebeest have been waiting on the arrival of the rains to drop their little ones. This is an amazing sight to take in as you watch the many babies learn to find their feet. The predators also enjoy this time of year.


Summer temperatures can be incredibly high, often reaching up into the 30 degree celsius mark and peaking in the lower 40s.


This is a higher risk season of contracting malaria because of all the water around from the rains. The risk in Kruger is low, but it is still present. Check with your GP and travel clinic specialists for advice on medication.

Landela Safaris warthog
Landela Safaris - elephant

April - September (Autumn/Winter)

Winter time signals the dry and cold season. This is Africa cold though with daytime temps averaging low 20 degree celsius. Nights can be very cool sometimes dropping down to single digits. You will need a warm jacket, hat and gloves for early morning and evening drives.


This is known as the best time of year for game viewing. With the lack of rains the bushveld dries out drastically. Many trees lose their leaves, grasses die down making it possible to see much further into the bush. Spotting game is much easier at this time compared to the Summer months.


As the dry season progresses, it reaches its peak around August. Game viewing is also easier at this time of year as animals become a lot more heavily congregated at watering holes. As there is no rains there is very limited water sources so you can be sure there will be a lot higher density of game at the few areas which still have water. Where there is a high density of game, the predators will not be far away.


This is low risk time for malaria as the mosquitoes become dormant during this time of year.

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